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Box Pallets

Wooden Box Pallets

W  Wooden box pallets are an ideal solution for agricultural needs, mostly for the transportation of fruit and vegetables. The sides are made from wood, and are made in different dimensions depending on your needs. To prevent the scattering of the product during transport, Box pallets, with stability and durability as their main features, are used.

Box Pallet

Metal Mesh Pallets

T  The idea for the metal mesh pallets originated from the need to pack smaller products or spillable loads without of fear of them spilling. There are with or without doors variants of these pallets. They also have a hatch on the bottom so the pallet is easier to empty.

M  Metal rods are placed on the corners, which are connected with wire or mesh. With the goal to save money and to organize the storage space well, the idea makers of metal mesh pallets have ensured you the unobstructed work.

T  They are made in standard dimensions, with the biggest height being from 800 – 1000 mm.

Box Pallets