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Sale and purchase of pallets

  One of the most important activities of our company is purchase and sale of nine different types and dimensions of pallets, in order to be able to meet all customers' needs.

Easy To Customize

Pallet services

  If you have a problem with damaged pallets, Šumadija Omega has the perfect solution for you, because we also perform all servicing (repairs, restoration) of different sizes of pallets.

Responsive Design


  If you need to use pallets for a shorter period of time, and to save, at that, some money and the time required for disposing of the pallets in your warehouse; call us, because we also offer a pallet rental service.






  Šumadija Omega offers a wide range of sawn timber: boards, planks, beams of all dimensions for different purposes, from construction purposes to carpentry. They are produced from high-quality wood and are very easy to be further treated and used in different purposes depending on the need.

Wood briquettes

  In the heating season it is most important to preserve energy and health. You provide the space and we will facilitate the toughest winter job and provide you with the wood briquettes. Wood briquettes, Šumadija Omega offers each, depending on your needs.


  As the most important mean of low cost fuel, we would definitely recommend pellet, as minced wood. These contain low amounts of moisture, 10% at most so they do not turn into saw dust, but rather keep their standard shape, which we offer in different dimensions.

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  • Up until now cooperating with Šumadija Omega d.o.o. has always provided best working solutions.

    Marko Pokrajac, MP Roll Line doo

  • Negotiating business cooperation with Šumadija Omega d.o.o. has been one of our best business decisions.

    Nikola Mihailović, Interkoncept doo